ISS 2023 Annual Conference

The Illinois Sleep Society Board is honored with the participation of an incredible expert panel this year. National and international experts in sleep medicine, leaders in the field, will convene during an in-house conference on September 23rd, 2023. 

After attending the conference, learners will leave the activity with enhanced knowledge about topics such as OSA, insomnia, remote patient monitoring for compliance, Narcolepsy, RLS and new treatment options, as well as artificial intelligence in sleep. 

We are excited and cannot wait to see you!

Learning Objectives

  • A detailed understanding of the Multiple Sleep Latency history and future.
  • How to properly titrated challenging NIV cases.
  • Proper testing of REM Behavior Disorder.
  • Increase exposure to oral appliance therapy in sleep. 
  • Tips on best approaches to pediatric care. 
  • Learn about current and future technology in the sleep field. 


Below you will find all the speaker slides for you to download prior to the meeting. Have a great time and looking forward to seeing you all!

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