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Pediatric Sleep Disorders: Ask the Experts

Quarterly discussions via zoom 

Pediatric subcommittee: Irina Trosman, MD; Pallavi Patwari, MD 


Friday, August 11th at 12:00 PM

Topic: Challenging Cases   

Speaker: Pediatric Sleep Specialists in Chicago  



Illinois Sleep Society – 2023 Fall Conference

The Illinois Sleep Society Board is honored with the participation of an incredible expert panel this year. National and international experts in sleep medicine, leaders in the field, will convene during our annual fall conference on September 23rd, 2023. This year presents with the return of an in-person format where professionals, vendors, and more exciting events is set to take place.

After attending the conference, learners will leave the activity with enhanced knowledge about topics such as the origins and future of the MSLT, complex titration cases, open discussion with experts in sleep medicine, pediatric care, RBD and much more! 

We are excited and cannot wait to see you all in person.

Please see agenda below and you can download a pdf copy as well.

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Non-Invasive Ventilation Workshop

Dear Pulmonary & Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Fellows:
Join us for lunch, learn basic concepts and apply them. Get familiar with home ventilator set up (Astral, Trilogy Evo, Vivo45, Luisa) including humidification, modems for remote data monitoring, mouth piece ventilation, domiciliary high flow nasal cannula settings. Attend
interactive discussions on invasive ventilation management via tracheostomy, decannulation and
lung recruitment maneuvers. Will start with lunch and network + didactics 12:30p to 1:30p.

Please see agenda below and you can download a pdf copy as well.

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